School of Awake

A Girl’s Guide to the Universe

By Kidada Jones – Coming October 2017 from New World Library
Seamlessly integrating consciousness and cool, this is a modern girl’s guide to her inner world. Author Kidada Jones acts as a smart, sassy, and very hip older-sister guide to tweens. She understands the challenges they face — whether mainstream, rebel, tomboy, edgy, or girly — and offers dozens of ways to be themselves and navigate the world without losing sight of what’s important. Q&As, ceremonies, crafts, and even recipes remind, affirm, and inspire. Readers learn how to connect with their heart in happy or difficult moments, resist bullying, clarify their wishes and use affirmations, build self-esteem, and breathe to calm and connect. The book the author wishes she’d had when she was young, this is a unique introduction to mind, body, and spirit consciousness for young girls and the grown-up girls — and boys — who care about their well-being.



In the opening of this self-esteem builder, Kidada Jones tells readers that the education system failed her; she matriculated through 11 schools and was kicked out of eight.

This is the book she didn’t have growing up. It starts with the premise that a girl is a mini-universe, referencing astrophysics that teaches how atoms and molecules in our bodies contain the same materials that exist in the visible universe. Each chapter ends with a “So you’re telling me this because…?” section, offering an alternative teaching model that explains the benefit of each lesson. Throughout the book, readers are advised to create a “soul-soothing tool kit,” a shoe box to be filled with affordable, creative supplies that are used for ongoing activities related to the theme of each chapter. Lessons include mindfulness exercises, reflective writing activities, yoga poses, and affirmations, along with several activities that help inspire mental and emotional well-being. Jones offers healthy-eating tips that include simple and nutritious recipes. This book has a strong New Age feel, with its allusions to the power of energy, vibes, and dreamcatchers, but it also gets practical, addressing bullying, crushes, and learning how to be a good friend. The coolest thing about this book is that none of the activities involve using social media, leaving readers to truly tap into the creative, undistracted self.

Despite the subtitle, this book’s affirming messages can serve diverse genders.

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About The Author

Kidada Jones has worked as a model, fashion designer, stylist, and product designer. She has worked with Vibe magazine, Disney, Tommy Hilfiger, and Hasbro, always sharing her appealing style and spiritual seeking. She also volunteers in mentoring programs, helping young girls build self-esteem and confidence. She lives in California.